November 30th, 2011

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Film photography and processing in London in the 1970s

Hi, here are a few details about the story setting:

-the late 1970s to early 1980s
-London, UK

I have my character working in a photography shop that sells camera equipment and does film processing, and would appreciate a bit more information to paint a more realistic picture. In particular, I'd like to know

-Would you be able to name any photography shop that existed in the central London/East London area in the 1970s that sold camera equipment AND processed film? Do any of them still exist today? Could I have a description of the interiors, the opening hours etc.

-Were there non-photography shops where one could send film to be processed? Such as drugstores and convenience shops etc. My guess is that they passed on the film rolls from their customers to an actual processing center and got the finished stuff from them--is this correct?

-I'm thinking of a relatively small scale operation for the story--i.e. not a nationwide chain, so would a shop assistant be expected to do everything from selling equipment to processing film? How automated was the film processing?

Appreciate any help provided!