November 28th, 2011

Consequences for an Apostate Jew?

Hey folks,

I've been Googling around trying to find answers to this question and have run into a roadblock, so I'm posing it to anyone here who might be knowledgeable and hoping I get better results...

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Edit 2: Think I've got what I need, thanks! Sounds like it's going to be a challenge to write correctly, but my best is all I can do.

Help appreciated as always. :)
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Sourcing MTF crossdressing supplies in Munich a decade ago, life as a amateur footballer

When: About a decade ago.
Where: Munich, Germany

My character is seventeen, middle-class, and a member of Bayern Munich's A-Junior team (part of the Under-19 Regionalliga Sud). He is a very promising player, probably will be promoted to FCBII in the next year or two. His boyfriend is interested in crossdressing, so he's going about researching and finding the materials to make that happen.

* What would his life as a footballer be like? I know training is six days a week and very intensive, and that games would generally be mid-day on Sunday. Would he be going home late at night? Leaving early in the mornings? Would he bring lunch for weekday matches, or would it be provided by the club, or would they be expected to eat outside of training? Would there be social/bonding events for the team? Would they get the opportunity to watch the main Bayern team play? How about Bayern II, or the women's team? Would they have a set formation and tactic set in place, or would they be experimenting from week to week? Would the team travel to matches the day of, or would they stay overnight in other cities in Bavaria during the season? When the team moves on to the Regionalliga championship, would they then stay overnight in other parts of Germany for playoff games?

* Would he still be in school? If so, would he be at a private school like the Isar Sport-Gymnasium, or would he be going to a public school? (I assume if he goes to a public school he would not get his Arbitur/be part of a Gymnasium program so he could focus on football - am I right? Would it be a Realschule, or another program?)

* If he's still in school, what courses would he be taking? What would his classmates think of his dedication - would he be popular for being sporty, or would it be alienating for him to always be going to practice?

* I know the American concept of Halloween (i.e. costume parties, and generally costumes for people other than small children) was fairly new to Germany at the time but did in fact exist. Would it have been possible for my character to buy a wig as part of a costume? What sort of shop would he do it at, if so? If not, where would he go to find an inexpensive wig if he couldn't order online?

* In general, what would public opinion be about MTF crossdressers? Would my character be aware of their existence? Were there drag queens or female impersonators somewhat well-known in Germany at the time, faces he may see in tabloids?

* Where could my character go to buy a corset for not too much money? How about clip on earrings or other cheap fashion/costume jewelry?

Thanks in advance!

Previous research: Google Translate at FC Bayern's official site and the Isar Sport-Gymnasium, Wikipedia-trawling through "education in Germany" and related topics, "crossdressing in Munich", "crossdressing in Germany", "Halloween in Germany", "FC Bayern A-Juniors" (which had a great article that followed U-11 for a week or two, but not much useful at my character's level.)
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Enochian translation request

Hello all!

I am in the process of planning a fanfic for the Supernatural fandom, set in the End-verse of season 5, episode 4 (warning: link contains spoilers). I'm trying to figure out how to translate "God grant me rest" (or "God help me" or something to the same effect) from English to Enochian. I've already posted this question at linguaphiles, but it's been two days with no responses from the 6,094 watchers. I've searched for English to Enochian automatic translators on Google, but there don't seem to be any.

I've poked through an Enochian dictionary and cobbled together a few glosses to produce a rough translation of "Iad dluga page" for "God grant me rest". Currently, the literal translation as far as I can tell is "God give rest"; I haven't figured out how first-person pronouns in the object position are supposed to work and whether there are conjugations or declensions.

I don't have knowledge of Enochian; I'm working with only the Enochian-English dictionary and five semesters of linguistics. So if there's anyone out there with more knowledge of Enochian who can refine my translation, I would greatly appreciate the help. :) Thanks!