November 22nd, 2011


What happens to doorstep babies?

Setting: Modern-day Michigan, USA. Specifically in the suburbs, though I am leaning towards setting in an area such as Port Huron.

Backstory: So we have character A. Now A is a supernatural/mythological being who has, through various means, pretty much pissed off his people. All of them. As punishment he is turned into a six month old human infant and left on the doorstep wrapped in blankets and a note that only has his first name on it. The home belongs to a slightly wealthy family that has their own six month old daughter B. With the father away on business the mother has her sister staying with her to help with B. When the mother finds A on the doorstep she takes him in, bathes him, wraps him in blankets and puts him to sleep. Growing extremely fond of him in the process and decides then and there that she will adopt him if she can. The next morning she takes to him to the hospital to have him checked on and to let the authorities know that he was abandoned.

Now my basic issue is this: My story rests on the fact that the mother is going to adopt A; the authorities will never find his parents and his people aren't going to come forward anytime soon to retrieve him if they bother to do so at all.
What in the world happens to a doorstep baby nowadays?
Will the authorities/child services let the mother take care of A while they search for the parents?
If I worked it so that the mother was a former foster parent make that easier/more plausible?
How long would it take before the authorities give up the search and allow A to be adopted?
On a less important note: Would plausible/a good idea for the the mother to set A in the same crib as B? If not should she just use a basket or cobble together a makeshift crib?

I've googled "baby/ies left on doorstep" "What happens if a baby is left on a door step" and various permutations of those. I even checked out the tv tropes page. All I have found are dozens of news articles that really feature no information further than "A baby was found on Jane and John Doe's door step Thursday morning. They took the infant to the hospital and it is doing fine, it has [insert description here]." I also searched through the entirety of the custody & social services tag.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.
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Car Repairs

So I have a female character driving a borrowed expensive car. I'm thinking along the lines of a Mercedes CLS (it's supposed to be stupidly expensive). I want something on it to break that would prevent the car from being drivable that a part would need to be ordered for. I don't really want something like her transmission to go out, I'm thinking something that would take only a day or two to actually fix but something that they'd have to specialty order.

I went through the Mercedes customizer thingy on their website so I'm thinking about the computer system but I'm not sure if that would actually mean that the car wouldn't start and how easy that would be for a small time mechanic to repair.

Any other suggestions? I fully admit I don't know much about the internal mechanisms of cars aside from having to get my own transmission replaced a few years ago.
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What happens on a courtesy viscount's 21st birthday?

Setting Britain 1935. Yes, this is Sayers fanfiction again.
Terms googled I am honestly unsure how to Google this, though I've taken a few stabs at things like "duke's son legal obligations" and "duke's son turn 21." Frankly the best source I've found is Josephine Tey's Brat Farrar, and that deals with a commoner inheriting an entire estate held in trust, so I'm not sure how much there would be in common between the situations.

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