November 19th, 2011

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Hottest/most popular nightclubs in Vegas for the LGBT crowd

I'm hoping I might get lucky and there be a few Vegas locals in the community who could help with this question.

I did google, but it's not really the kind of thing you can trust to google results. Hot clubs/nightspots are pretty much a word of mouth thing mostly, in my experience.

So my question is this: What are some of the current hottest clubs/bars among the LGBT crowd in Las Vegas? I lived there about 8 years ago, so obviously the ones I remember like Krave and Rain In The Desert etc probably aren't the choice spots anymore (heck, they might not even be there anymore lol). So, what's new and fresh? I'm more looking for dance clubs than a bar, but I'll take what I can get!

My story is obviously set in current day Las Vegas. One of my characters is a local so he would know exactly where to take his boy to get their party on. :) Thanks for any help!
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First Masked Hero in Literature

This is an off-and-on pursuit of mine, and one for which I have done considerable research, but only in brief spurts. What is the first mention in print or other popular media of the costumed and/or masked hero or villain? Not the period in which the story is set. The period in which the story is created.

Most of the characters which first spring to mind - Zorro, The Scarlet Pimpernel - are actually from the early Twentieth Century. (BTW, I found a rather interesting silent serial _Les Vampires_, about a sophisticated gang of thieves who had a "uniform" of black leotard and black fabric mask. One of their number, Irma Vep ("vampire" scrambled, the character played by a rather striking woman) appears to be a precursor of Cat Woman.

The earliest appearance I've found so far is fictional versions of Springheeled Jack. These seem to have begun appearing about a decade after the reports of this character in early Nineteenth Century London. The fictional versions appeared in print and on stage, including in musicals. Often he was portrayed as wearing a distinguishing costume and/or a mask.

Does anyone know of earlier occurrences of this trope?