November 16th, 2011

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[ANON POST] Cost of outpatient treatment programs for mental illness

Setting: 2008-present day; Los Angeles, CA or anywhere in the USA

Searches: variations on: day treatment/therapy mental illness/health cost/price, outpatient mental health cost

What are the average costs of a outpatient treatment program for mental illnesses (specifically bipolar disorder) for an uninsured person in the USA? I was searching the Los Angeles area specifically but location isn't too important at this point. It can be a private facility or part of a hospital program.

I was able to find info on the Betty Ford clinic ( but that's for treatment of alcoholism, and the PCH Center ( has a comparison chart of their services, but that's inpatient care.

Thank you for any help!
You've gotta VISUALIZE

Help me sneak a teenager into a psychiatric hospital

Setting: the DC animated universe, roughly present day, Kansas or Missouri
Searches: Variations of "(psychiatric/mental) (forensic) hospital (high school) (student) (community service) (volunteering/volunteer)", which gives me affirmatives on some elements of the premise, but I haven't seen all of them combined (which should probably tell me something right there, but just in case...)

The subject is a teenage boy (around 15-17) from an affluent family. He'd probably have a criminal record if said family didn't hush it up. He wants to get into a psychiatric hospital (to meet one of the patients, not that he tells anyone that). At least some of the patients are classified as unfit to stand trial and/or "not guilty by reason of insanity," and one of these (a relatively nonviolent offender) is the one he wants to talk to. The very sketchy original plan was that he'd have a community service assignment for high school and a relative somewhere in the administration who gets him a position without direct access to the patients, whereupon he goes and gets access himself.

I'm not insistent on a method that's completely on the up-and-up -- in fact, it would suit my plot purposes to have someone later demanding of the adults "What the heck were you thinking?" -- but I would like to find out if there's something along these lines that could pass for a good idea at the time if you tilted your head and squinted, because I'd rather not fall back on handwaving and "his family is loaded and extremely negligent" more than I have to.

If this plan is a total wash, any other ideas? I'm also tossing around the idea of him voluntarily committing himself and picking locks from there, but I don't know that that would work character-wise.

Thank you for your time!