November 13th, 2011

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Cause of death unknown?

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I don't know where, and my Google searches have been less than helpful: What do medical examiners put down as cause of death when they can't find it? The context is: "if she weren't dead, I'd say she was perfectly healthy."

Tried Googling several variations on "medical examiner doesn't know cause of death." Well, that sounds stupid when I write it like that but the searches were more intelligent sounding than that; I just can't remember the exact wording.

Thanks in advance!

Effect of 8 years of silence on vocal cords

Hi! First time poster. What a cool place.

I'm trying to find out what would happen to someone's voice if they didn't speak for 8 years. No whispering, no speaking, nada. Other everyday activities that use the mouth and throat would have been engaged in normally (e.g., chewing, swallowing, facial expressions). Just no actual vocalizations of any type, including laughing.

When the person did start speaking again, would they have trouble producing sound? Would it hurt? Would their voice sound normal or be very hoarse?

I have done several Google searches, using search criteria like "can silence damage vocal cords" and "can you damage your vocal cords by not speaking." The vast majority of the results were recommendations to *not* speak as a way to *repair* vocal cord damage. There was also one answer to a question posed on Yahoo by a woman who said she is a nurse, who said that there would be no damage. However, I am looking for some validation to that and also for more specific answers to my questions above re: raspiness, discomfort, etc.

Thanks so much in advance!

ETA: Setting is post-apocalyptic future version of our world with limited tech and essentially no health care (hospitals, etc.).
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'swearing' in telegrams

I'm working on a story set in 1933, and one of my characters receives a wire from California. I know punctuation is taken out unless the sender is willing to pay extra for it. (in this case he is.) However, in order to get his point across, he uses goddammit. Would Western Union permit this?

I've found some interesting telegram sites, this among others but when I add 'swearing in a telegram,' I get all kinds of political stuff. 'Cursing in telegrams' and 'bad language in telegrams' (or cables) isn't helpful. :-P


Navajo, Comanche and Kiowa names in the 1800s

I'm looking for a list -- or, really, any sort of resource -- of non-anglicized, male, Native American names from the Navajo, Comanche, and Kiowa tribes from between 1800-1860. By non-anglicized I mean I don't want things like "Sitting Bull" or "Singing Grass" (Kit Carson's first wife). On the other hand, transliterated names are perfectly acceptable. I'm specifically looking for the name the person would be known by his family/tribe (so his personal or first name). I don't need a specific meaning for the name.

Searched using "traditional navajo names", "navajo peace treaties", "traditional dineh names", "famous navajos" and have mostly come up with baby naming sites which I refuse to use do to suspect accuracy.