November 8th, 2011


Friends with benefits and hotel

Hi, first time posting here, and first time writing something in three years. Here goes nothing.

Setting: modern day Japan (urban area)
Search terms: various combinations of one night stand, hotel, story, friends with benefits

So two guys are in the closet and have ambiguous feelings for each other. One of them works in a jazz bar and the other comes by and waits for the end of his shift. Afterwards, they go to a hotel to have supposedly no-strings-attached sex. They're around 21, both have good jobs and decent cars.

Now my question is, how likely is it for them to go to the hotel in the same car? Both their cars are parked nearby. The hotel parking lot is underground and no one will see them getting out together and they're not going up at the same time. There are taxis available for the non-driver to get back to his car, but it's obviously troublesome and expensive.

What I have in mind is a conversation in the car, where one of them notes that the other is clutching the steering wheel in reaction to something. Given the circumstances, can I justify them riding together?

Thanks in advance!
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Getting to the US from Canada without a passport

Hello, lovely people who hopefully aren't too busy with their NaNos to lend a helping hand!

My setting is modern-day North America; my protagonists are a 15-year-old girl and a 22-year-old woman, both werewolves. I need them to get from Vancouver to Seattle, and as such they obviously will cross the border. Here's my problem: while the elder has all the proper identification, the two of them are not related, look nothing alike, and the younger of the two could pass for twelve and she doesn't have anything more than the clothes on her back, let alone a passport.

If there is no way for them to get in so-called "legally", I'm open to distinctly illegal options that take advantage of their speed and strength (if necessary, though I don't want them to be caught by the authorities so attacking anyone is certainly out of the question). I've never crossed the border so I don't even know what the area looks like. I know that you can take the Clipper ferry from Victoria to Seattle, but the characters just came from Vancouver Island and can't backtrack.

My Google-fu has failed me on this one, mainly because illegal immigration is such a problem so pretty much all the results I get are around the current political issue. (Not to mention I feel downright creepy typing 'how to get a child illegally into the US'.) I've looked up variations of 'how to get illegally into the US from Canada' as well researched passport requirements, specifically this site, which is about getting from Vancouver to Seattle using the Clipper as well as driving.

EDIT: Wow, thanks for all the responses, everyone! Rather than attempting to come up with a unique response to every single person I'll just say here that I appreciate all the help immensely :) I know what I'll be doing now!