November 5th, 2011

[ANON POST] Dieppe Raid: Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Seaman training and death

So, I've looked through the wwii tags, and couldn't find what I was looking for. And I think I've googled everything I could about Dieppe, the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, and LCAs. Unfortunately, I have a $0 budget to buy books, and my local library doesn't have much either. So I'm stuck with the internet.

My situation is this: my character is a young English teenaged boy, probably 13 or 14 in 1942. He's gotten his father's help to lie about his age and join the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserves, and is serving on a Landing Craft: Assault as a bowman-gunner. In August 1942, he's deployed in the raid on Dieppe, France. After retrieving soldiers under heavy fire during the retreat, he ends up in the water next to a floundering LCA. A German plane drops a bomb on the LCA, which ends up killing my character.

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Boat Travel 1640's France to England

Hi there! I've got some characters taking a trip by boat from France to England (think cargo type ship) during rough seas and I'm trying to estimate how long it would have taken. I've tried searching by google with things like '16th century boat trip france to england' but I mostly come up with modern day fair trips insteqad of detailed information. I've also looked up on wiki 16th century boats but it mostly covers what battles they were used in. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!
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Bullet wound + delayed treatment causing crippled leg, treatment for injuries & PTSD.

Setting: Essentially the same as modern-day American for these intents and purposes.
Previous research: A lot of google-fu, most of it a while ago, which didn't have much information as specific as I wanted on the leg injury. Then I read a these posts on similar topics, which were very helpful. Searched quite a lot on google about "hospitals critical care," "post-surgery care," "trauma immediate care," etc but wasn't really quite sure how else to go about that that, it's hard to get specifics. I read a fair amount about treatment of PTSD, but again, most of it was fairly general.

So I've got a couple injury/medical questions related questions.
I wanted an injury that would cause my character to have a permanent limp, and have to walk with a crutch or cane for at least a couple years, if not longer. He was fighting in a war, and then held as a POW, and the situation I eventually came up with was that he was shot in the leg such that the bone was broken, (I've been imagining the femur, above the knee) and the wound was then left essentially untreated and healed badly. It would've been without treatment between 1-4 months (it's flexible) and he would have been in pretty bad general condition during and before that time. (Underfed, other less serious injuries.) The story begins with him around the time that he is returning home, where he does finally receive treatment.
So, first of all I wanted the check up on whether this sounds wildly unrealistic. Then secondly I was hoping to get some more info on the effects of delayed treatment, and then maybe some details about what treatment for that would look like once he's getting it, especially immediately, but also long term.
Aaand, then the other related question I had was about treatment for PTSD. I've found lots of articles about PTSD itself, but I'm wondering if in a situation like this it would be something immediately addressed at the hospital, or would doctors/psychiatrist wait until physical injuries were cleared up? (This is set in an alternate world, so I can take liberties, but it would be good to have a baseline to go off.) Also, what advice might family/close friends of the character be given for dealing with his PTSD? (I.e., would someone be told to encourage him to talk about it, or just let him be? etc.)

Thanks so much!

if alcohol was the only liquid available

I have a stowaway character who inadvertently gets locked in the hold of a ship and spends a couple of days stuck there on the way from Seattle to Skagway, Alaska, during the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush (she doesn't spend the entire trip in there, just the first couple of days). There are crates of food that she can get into, but it's mostly stuff that's going to make her thirsty (dried foods and the like), and the only drinkable liquid she's likely to find is one or another forms of alcohol (mostly hard liquor, although I suppose beer or ale is possible).

So, a) how long could she go without drinking something, and b) what would be the results beyond the obvious of her only liquid being alcoholic for a couple of days?

I tried googling "drinking alcohol as only liquid," but didn't come up with a whole lot, and I'm having a hard time phrasing a good query for this one.


ETA: To clarify, I did research at least some of the myriad mostly decrepit ships that were put into service to ferry the thousands of gold seekers at short notice, and it's entirely plausible that she's in a ship where the cargo area is divided into sections that can be closed off, and she's trapped in one where there isn't any water. No, she doesn't have access to salt water, either, or the means to distill it. And for all she knows she may end up being stuck there until they reach Skagway and the ship is unloaded (a trip that can take up to a week).

And, yeah, I've taken into consideration the, er, sanitary (or not) facilities [g]. And she's definitely getting a bit battered by her surroundings.

She's not used to alcohol herself, although she does know about its effects, but I think one drink is probably going to prove to her that it's not helping.

Thanks, all!
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