November 2nd, 2011

akiharu- resentment

A question about modern video games.

I am looking for suggestions for games that might be played by a father and son (ETA the son is about 15 years old) together in Japan in a story set in the modern day (so, recently: within the last ten years). My question is pretty specific and has turned out to be something a bit beyond my Google-fu skills: I am looking for a fun console game that has a fairly high level of difficulty (these are skilled players) and one they can play together, in competition with each other. Violence is okay but not any overly problematic misogynistic, racist, ablist content: these are characters who have enough media sophistication that they can handle a little bit of problematic content if the game is otherwise amazingly excellent, but they're both progressive minded people and the father maybe even more so than the son. Assume that these characters have comprehensive in-depth knowledge and are also fine with playing any classic games (on classic consoles even) so long as the games really have held up over time and still have a high replayability factor.

When I Google I can obviously find games ranked by popularity and can see if the games allow for multiplayer options, but I myself have zero gaming experience or skill so have no personal basis of judgment to decide what someone under the above circumstances would actually enjoy playing. I am also afraid that I'll pick something that is a bit of a hipster-level choice... it would be all too easy for me to pick something that Zero Punctuation has reviewed super highly, but these characters don't consider themselves gaming elites with any kind of rarefied, amazing taste: they're enthusiastic and totally willing to embrace a game with a certain level of dorkiness and lack of coolness cred if the game is truly fun. I think to be able to truly research this question I'd have to have a baseline deep knowledge of gaming built up from years and years of playing, so I'm hoping some of you fine people can help me out here. What I would ask, please, is if you explain a little why you think something would be a good choice, it will help me to narrow things down!

Also, I suppose in a way this is kind of like asking for a recc list. But instead of reccing for real people, I'm asking you to recc for certain characters. So if you have any more specific details you want to know before making recommendations, I am happy to provide!
Samantha Spellthorne

Orphaned at Fifteen -- How Will Local Councils Act?/Unknown Person Death plus Missing Person Link

Setting: Harlsden, Borough of Brent, London (yes, I am that specific). Set in a modern-day, modern-tech verison of the world, with the minor difference that people with supernatural abilities exist.

Background: A character of mine burns to death as a result of his emerging powers (ability to control fire without much control or fire resistant abilities) -- he was on his way home from an evening catching up with one of his old friends and thus doesn't die near his house. He burns up at an approximate temperature of 4,000°C, leaving no method with which to identify him (such as dental records/DNA scraping). He is reported missing by his daughter when he's not there the next morning.

Questions: 1) Forensics ends up with a 'John Doe'/unknown person's body; police end up with a missing person report filed soon after. Would they risk trying to join the dots and seeing if the John Doe is the missing person, or would both cases remain unsolved? This is not a major point, but I would like to know if I can give the daughter any closure regarding her father or whether they'll have to wait seven years to get the "missing, presumed dead" explanation.

2) This is the main one. The daughter, Jessica, is fifteen years old and upon her father going missing is now technically an orphan. I've read up on councils naturally prefering to keep children with relatives, and a recent news report on some children being orphaned under the care of their aunt, but what I'm struggling on is just how the local council will arrange this -- will they give Jessica preference for the family member that she stays with, what kind of processes will she go through. Will Jessica be put temporarily in to a social home while this is sorted out, and if so what will happen to her/her father's home in the meantime? I have no idea what to expect on this, and as Jessica is one of the major characters I can't skip over this without some kind of explanation.

Search Terms: Orphaned in the uk, orphaned in the uk social care, orphaned in the uk close family, and multiple search terms attempting to remove results related to animals, copyright orphans, non-UK orphans (due to various scenarios).