October 30th, 2011


Worlds & Weathers [ANSWERED]

Setting: Character gets put into an escape pod and sent somewhere (she doesn't know the location). She lands on a planet where it's frigid and icy and there's sand like a desert everywhere. There's no snow. I suppose there's not enough moisture in the atmosphere to be snow?

Question(s): 1) is it even possible to be below freezing but not even snow?

                         2) is it possible for a place to be extremely cold, icy but the terrain is sandy like a desert?

Granted I know that since I'm writing a sci-fiction novel I could probably just make it so our scientific knowledge is irrelevant or not as advanced but the character is from earth (in this time 2010-2011) so she would compare her knowledge of what her science/her earth can do or can't do. Soooo uhhh. Yeah. Help? :;

Edit/Thanks: Wow I leave this to see what ya'll come up with and I get an entire discussion! Wow. In any case, I know that both of my questions are plausible. And I even got some extra tidbits in extension to my questions! So thank you all for you help and for your input! This is all very helpful and I shall use this as footing to continue to research these subjects, and the things you have directed me to take a look at!

Thank you very, very much! You'll probably see me again though! XD


Does anyone know where I can find a site where the laws of physics are simplified? I'm short on money so buying books is not an option. :(

Also an article that says otherwise about the consistency of the laws of physics throughout the universe~
word web

Progress of a murder investigation in regional NSW

Early one Friday morning, a boy is found dead. He is 17, a year 12 student at the nearby high school. He is found in a park, which is not very busy, as it is a small distance from the town centre. It's one of the town's "Historical Sights". The community is about 10,000 people, quite a few of those are farmers. The boy is a townie.

The boy is one of the few openly gay members of the town, certainly the only openly gay highschooler. He has made complaints to police about harassment, mainly pranks, his house and car have been egged and tped (toilet papered), but he has received hate mail which he has shown to police. He lives with his single mother, his father died in a car accident some years ago.

His body shows signs of torture. An autopsy will reveal drugs in his system, there were no defensive wounds. Cause of death was a slit throat.

My question is, how will the investigation progress? I know there will be an inquest, but how long will this inquest take? When will his body be released? Who will investigate? The rural cops, or NSW Serious Crime out of Parramatta? When does an inquest become a murder investigation? Will cops assume it's a hate crime? What happens when three months later, a second body, this time a 16 year old girl, is found?

I have googled "nsw murder", "nsw police investigation", "nsw coronial inquest", "nsw murder investigation", "nsw hate crime", "serial killer australia" and many combinations of the above. I have read the NSW Police website, and numerous Coroner's Court transcripts. I still can't figure it out. I'd love an answer, or even just a book recommendation, or a new search direction.