October 23rd, 2011


Stop Eating (Non Weight Loss Issues)


The Internet has failed me yet again but hopeful this comm, like before, saves me:

Setting: modern/current
Scenario: I have an MC in his early 30's, normally trim and athletic suddenly stops eating. Just wakes up one day and everything he tries just don't taste right so eventually, he stops eating.

Now, I'd figured out the psychological roots behind it. It's nothing medical, not a biological contagion.

My dilemma is this:
1. If he's frequently drinking and has access to fluids, how long can he typical function (upright, talking, working) can a normally healthy male survive without eating?
2. What may be the first symptoms that something's wrong?
3. Is hospitalization really necessary (never minding the psychological factors)?

The terms I used gave me nothing but diets, more serious eating disorders, colon cleansing (eeeeew) and weight loss related links.
stop eating
eating disorders
lack of appetite

I found this post: http://little-details.livejournal.com/2539203.html which was pretty darn close despite the gender but just needed a wee bit more material and wondering if the aftereffects are typical for a male as well.

I'm just really looking for basic details. The Internet gave me TMI. Sigh. I want to entertain my readers, not give them college degrees. LOL

UPDATE: Just wanted to thank you all for your information. This combined with previous post, I'm feeling a little more at ease in tackling the story. Definitely keep it coming if you have more to say. I also really wanted to acknowledge the personal experience a lot of you are sharing with me. It is humbling to receive and I hope I can do what you've shared with me great justice. Thank you.