October 7th, 2011

anachronism wot

disruption in recovery from dislocated shoulder

Setting: Britain, 1935
Googled: various ways for recovery time and treatment for a dislocated shoulder, but I'm not sure my specific question is Google-able.

The Situation: A young man--twenty-one years old, otherwise fit and healthy--is in a car accident, goes flying forward out of the car, dislocates his shoulder. He does just fine with his couple of months of physical therapy and goes on with his life. Google has very helpfully informed me about the basics of this part of the process, so I'm fine that far.

However, about three months after the accident when he's been pretty much feeling all right again, our hero gets into a situation where he is obligated to do several hours a week of heavy lifting a week for a few weeks, and the people he's working for aren't likely to be sympathetic about the shoulder until it makes him outright incapable of working. His shoulder starts bothering him again, so he goes to a doctor to see what can be done to keep it working.

My question is: what can be done? How severely and how quickly is this situation going to mess up the healing of the shoulder? (I would really like for him not to re-dislocate the shoulder and lose the use of his right arm entirely, because it would make some later parts of my plot very difficult, but pain and/or intermittent sling-wearing I can totally work with.) Is there anything the doctor might tell him to do that would help minimize the additional damage--wearing his arm in a sling, for example, or additional physical therapy?

Thanks v. much, folks.

Racial genetics question

I tried google and wikipedia, but only found things about how intermarriage was somewhat common between Indians and white British at the time.

I'm thinking about a steampunk epic for NaNo, and debating my one character's race and appearance.

1. If a Caucasian British man, from the East India Company or somesuch, around about 1769 had a child with an Indian woman, and assuming the descendants of this coupling all married Caucasian British people, by 1839/1840, what as far as phenotype would the descendant look like?

Example --

British man + Indian woman - 1769

Offspring + Caucasian British woman - 1790

Offspring2 + Caucasian British man - 1811

Offspring 3+ Caucasian British man - 1831

How dominant would the Indian features be? Would Offspring 4 necessarily have dark skin and eyes, or would there be more "dilution?" (That sounds like a horrible thing to say, :| )

I know phenotype can be wild, with me as a crazy example, but I'm looking more generally, if that makes sense. As in, not so much an outlier.