October 2nd, 2011

Cyber Formula - Franz Heinel and Jackie

Endurance issues, or "weak" physical condition causes

Setting: Near future (2026,) world is remarkably futuristic in many ways (one character has fancy cybernetic implants/prosthetic, eye and full left arm.)

In canon, this character races a highly demanding futuristic F1-inspired race car for 4 years, from 2012-2015, takes a year off, races from 2017-2021, then retires (between this description and my icon, a few people might know what I'm talking about... :P ) It's never clarified in the show, but he states on more than one occasion that he physically can't handle it for long term, and it's slightly implied that it contributes to him retiring from driving at the young age of 27. He is able to chase his fellow team member around constantly, and throttle him at his leisure, but not drive race cars. Fanon has him getting physically ill (weak/fainting/vomiting) after the occasional race, which isn't seen in canon, but I can accept it as a rare occurrence. 

So basically, I'm looking for something that wouldn't effect his daily life at 30-31 unless he is highly stressed (the character doesn't handle stress too well sometimes,) but would have led to early retirement from racing (but allow him to box sometimes as a hobby.) It can be something that will worsen slowly as he gets older, or it can be something that stopped progressing when he stopped driving. It can be a chronic condition, but I'm not looking for something like Parkinson's (or at least to that severity.) I got everything under the sun when I searched, and I'm honestly stumped. A friend suggested something that would cause occasional balance issues, but I'm not sure how those really progress...

Search terms: weak constitution, fainting spells, low endurance, imbalance, chronic low endurance