September 18th, 2011

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Southeastern U.S. hotel /motel chain (other than Travelodge) with a teddy bear mascot?

There was a motel chain whose billboards used to be a regular sight--this was during the 60's through 70's--along I-75 through Florida and southern Georgia, portraying a teddy bear lounging in a hammock and holding an iced drink; I seem to recall that pink dominated the color scheme.

Although my family never stayed at one of the motels in question, the image was a memorable and singularly inviting one.

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Conditions Attached To UK Dependent Visa

When: Now

Where: United Kingdom

Places Wot I Have Already Looked At: UK Border Agency website (I'm not sure which bit of information applies many different kinds of visas!)

Situation: A citizen of a Commonwealth country applies for a visa to live/work in the UK. He's working for/enlisted in the British Army, if that makes a difference to the kind of visa he's going for. He does NOT have any UK ancestry - I know that can simplify the process of residency in the UK - but they've accepted him and it's confirmed that he has a place in a regiment.

What kind of visa does he get?

If he brings his wife with him as a dependent...can she legally work in the UK?