September 11th, 2011


Traversing customs

I'm writing a story where my characters travel from Egypt to Bulgaria in the autumn of 1995. What I need to know is whether airport security and customs were comparable to western Europe--where I have traveled and can therefore describe. This isn't long after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, so were there remaining tight precautions, or had security loosened since then?

My current knowledge comes from my trips from the US to western Europe, my dad's description of his trip to the USSR, and The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax.

Searched various permutations of "Bulgarian customs 1995" and "traveling to Bulgaria 1995."
Awkward Gru

Stabbed in the spine/Paraplegia

Hello! : D So I've got some (Possibly very n00bish) questions about Paraplegia.
Setting is around ten years in the future, in the USA.
Searched terms: 'Paraplegia', 'stab spine paraplegia', 'stab spine', and other variants of those. Also searched through quite a bit of the archives here.

Question time!

1: I need my heroine to become permenantly paralyzed from the waist down. Would a stab wound do that, or would it need to be something more traumatic/serious, like, say, an explosion? Also, where would the injury need to be located? Lower on her back or higher?

2: What is the general recovery time? How long would she stay in the hospital before being able to go home, and then when she gets home, would she have to stay in bed or on the couch for any amount of time?

3: I've read about the loss of bladder function/sensation and was wondering if this is the case every time, or just sometimes? What are some of the methods of learning to cope with it? Control it? What about sex?

4: I would like her to be passed out from shortly after she gets stabbed to after she's been operated on/fixed up. I would like her to wake up around the time that Guy Who Rushes her to the Hospital comes to visit. Would she be laying on her back? On a bed? Would the doctors already know she was permanently paralyzed or would they have to wait for other tests/procedures?

I think that's everything... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!