September 9th, 2011

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Blood Loss from Ear Amputation.

Hey there!

The setting is World of Warcraft - so essentially your standard 'medieval' fantasy with very few actual medieval elements to it. Technology and magic can solve a lot of problems, and magical healing does exist. For various reasons, any magic not related directly to healing will not be very accessible to the characters.

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Aziraphale also worshiped books

New York: summer, JFK airport, carding, sandwich eating

I'm slowly going backward on the NY tag here, but in the meantime here are my questions:

1 a) How hot & dry is June and July in New York this year? How much hotter is it compared to previous summers?
I'm more interested in anecdotes than precise degrees in Fahrenheit.

1 b) JFK airport has air-conditioning, yes? Is the air-conditioning freezing cold in the summer?
When would the heat hit you: at the baggage claim or once you exit the airport doors?

2) Does it make sense for someone to take a taxi to the airport, then when he's picked up the people he meant to pick up, have a car service (Lincoln, etc.) come meet them in front of the terminal?

3) According to this and this, JFK Terminal 3 is awful like a v. awful thing:
As if it weren't outdated and uncomfortable and just terribly laid out for its current capacity and security procedures, Delta has clearly given up on any pretence of trying to maintain the facility. To call it filthy and falling apart would be a bit like saying the sun is bright, or basketball players are tall. Check-in, security, bathrooms, waiting areas - all of it, just atrocious

Is this pretty accurate? And would this be something a NY-er would take in stride? (Like the smells of Metro?)

4) A NY-er LJ friend told me they're not strict about carding people in NY, unless you're a group of obviously underage people. Is that right? What about alcohol being served in a private function (wedding anniversary banquet, etc.)?

5) In NY, if you cut a big sandwich/hamburger in half with a knife and fork before eating it by hand, do you end up looking like a tool or is that just common sense?

Thank you in advance!