August 31st, 2011

Roles and responsibilities for a young Nazi woman, as the war approaches its end.

I am writing a story about a group of people in a boarding house in what is probably  Würzburg, in the spring of 1945. One of these characters is a young woman who remains  a devoted member of, and employed by, the Nazi party. I need to pin down exactly what she’s doing with her time.
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Dutch application for British citizenship?

Hey all,

More questions on the NaNo front and a scenario that will likely need ironing out before I do anything, mostly concerning citizenship.

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Edit 2: Had a few more questions about adjusting to life in a new country, but can't find exactly what I'm looking for:

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Historical Atlantic hurricane data resource, 1852 - present

I've been using this site for a few years to monitor current storms, and it finally occurred to me to find out how far back their data goes.  You can observe recorded tracks of tropical storms and hurricanes back to 1852!  At some point (by the time of Hurricane Carla, 1961) there are narrative "storm lifecycle" summaries.  I haven't yet pinpointed the earliest of these.

Caveat -- I do not know exactly where their pre-National Hurricane Center data comes from, so checking for a second source would be advisable once you find a storm that suits your story if it requires that degree of accuracy.  The URL below will give you an example.