August 28th, 2011


Crush Injury

Setting: Modern day, technology wise, but in a made-up location. (It’s kind of hard to explain without giving a lot of details about a series I’ve been working on for fifteen years.) The location is primarily based on the US, and possibly parts of Western Europe.
I have a scene where a character has gotten pinned under a pile of debris inside a building. Based on what I've been told on another forum, I've been told that this would most likely result in a crush injury.

The character is half buried under the debris, only his head and chest are uncovered. And the people that found him and are trying to get him out suspect that he is in shock, and they're certain there are injuries that aren't visible because of the way he's covered.

The ones who found him had the sense to get professional help to get him out of the building, as they suspected they might worsen his injuries if they tried to move him. (Which based on what little I've been able to understand from my research is a pretty accurate thought.) The worst of the damage is going to be the character's legs, although he also has some abdominal injuries. However, although the research I've done has been helpful in some areas, I still have a few questions.

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