August 23rd, 2011

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Drugged by skin contact

Hi everyone! I still writing a spy movie.

Context: Present day - My main character has to be drugged by skin contact in two or three seconds maybe touching a letter. A friend told me about DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxid) to transport the drug through the skin.

Question: What kind of drug (analgesic or medicine, plants etc...) should we add to DMSO to put my main character to sleep in less than 5 seconds? or maybe to hypnotize him? I ve found many drugs but not sure which one would be the most appropriate.

Research/search terms: "DMSO", "burundanga", "scopolamine", "barbiturates" , "sodium thiopental", "truth serum", "hypnosis".

Websites: wikipedia,,,,

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gunshot wound with odd parameters.

Hello everyone, I have a question about a gunshot wound.

My setting is present day United States, mid-apocalyptic virus outbreak. The character who I want shot is in his mid-twenties, fit and healthy, just out of med school. He has a traveling companion with no medical experience. They've stolen basic medical supplies, so they have access to dressings/bandages, gloves, masks, suture kit, peroxide/iodine, antibiotics and painkillers, etc.

My main problem looking for information is that either I research historical field scenarios and the bullet and wound types are just completely not modern, or I search for modern GSW info and they say "Do this and then get straight to a hospital. And then surgery." I'm in a weird spot because they have sterile equipment and modern medical knowledge, and the wound is made by a modern weapon, but they have no access or ability to perform a surgery/attend a hospital. I've searched a lot of creepy things like "body trauma," "scapular fracture/clavical fracture," "field treatment bullet wound," "treatment gunshot wound," "artery locations," etc, and Wikipedia'd everything I could about gunshot trauma. I've also gone through a lot of pages on this community.

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