August 22nd, 2011

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[ANON POST] British doctor/patient confidentiality and medical complications of pregnancy

Setting: contemporary England

scenario: Character A is pregnant and has a history of schizophrenia, currently controlled through medication. She stops seeing her psychiatrist and disappears around her 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. Her family reports her as a missing person. She gives birth alone in a house in another city. The fetus is stillborn, she panics, and does not seek medical assistance.

Q1: Preferably, I want A to show up in a hospital several days (at least 2) after the birth due to complications. Are there any possible complications of childbirth that could go a few days without emergency care without proving fatal, but would be serious enough to force her to go to the hospital (either of her own volition or because she's unconscious or obviously ill/injured enough that someone sees her and calls an ambulance)? The issue can be a contributing or causal factor in the miscarriage or unrelated. I've come up with several dangerous and potentially fatal conditions related to pregnancy, but haven't come up with any info on which conditions, if any, would work for this scenario and time line.

Q2: If I need to get her into a hospital for other reasons, what signs would a doctor use to determine A had given birth very recently? Since she has not been treated with Parlodel lactation would be evident, but that alone doesn't indicate how recent the birth was. Would there be something more concrete (or something more medical-termy) than the visual evidence of recent tearing around the vagina and postpartum bleeding? Would she be given a blood test for pregnancy hormones? (Searching terms gives me a lot of anecdotes and info about animal births but not medical/forensic indications of recent birth.)

Q2: Google research suggests that "child protection" can be a legitimate reason to breach doctor/patient confidentiality in the UK, but in this situation when A arrives at the hospital there would be no child but obvious signs of recent child birth. A would be disoriented and evasive when asked about the pregnancy. Would a doctor or nurse be acting ethically if she reported to the police her suspicions that the infant had been abandoned (she would have knowledge that the body of a baby had been found recently, if that's relevant)? Would it make a difference if her primary psychiatrist, who would have knowledge of her pregnancy and mental health history, reported her suspicions after being contacted by emergent care doctors? All of this would happen before autopsy results reveal that no homicide has occurred.
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[ANON POST] police procedure when entering a hotel room

Setting: Present day, NYC

Context: Two criminals have holed up in a ritzy New York City hotel room. NYPD tracks them down and gets a warrant to search the hotel room.

Question: What exactly is the procedure for police upon entering a potentially hostile environment like a hotel room? What would they say before entering the room? Would they even give a warning? How many cops would go inside?

Research/search terms: “police entering house”, “NYPD procedure”, “police searching hotels”; I’ve searched both online and looked in the HowDunit books on police procedure, but I didn’t find any answers.

Thanks in advance!!!
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[ANON POST] bill/bond legislation

Setting: modern day NYC
Search terms: legislation, bill, bond, congress.

I have a character who is involved in politics. So my main question is: When someone (ie: big corporations, other politicians, vested groups, etc) sponsors/supports a bill or bond, do they just publicly announce their support or do they give money? I'm looking for a situation where money is involved in politics other than when candidates campaign for their own candidacy.
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[MOD POST] More tag help needed

It's been a while since I last asked. Unfortunately, life went RAWR! and ate me. I don't feel like assuming people who had time to help still have time now, so I am soliciting new volunteers. (Of course, old volunteers are still welcome.)

If you would be willing to do a few specific tasks to help me clean up the tags, leave a comment on this post.

Thanks to all who have helped/will help!
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Distinguishing Pox Virii Under Microscope/contra-indications for vaccine

Me again. Thanks everyone for your help with my earlier questions. I've been reading The Demon in the Freezer, and have a much better idea of where I'm going.

Term googled: smallpox versus monkeypox; monkeypox; cowpox. Wikipedia and emedicine have helped me with the symptoms of monkeypox versus smallpox, but not how the viruses might differ in appearance in the bloodstream, during the incubation and/or prodormal stages. Also the CDC Smallpox FAQ

I'm just looking for a bit of clarification on two things:

1) How plausible is it that a scientist who is not an infectious disease specialist/virologist could look at bloodwork and confuse smallpox with monkeypox? For that matter, if the smallpox vaccine is administered after my character suspects that he's been exposed to smallpox, how easy would it be to distinguish the disease from the vaccine?

2) From the CDC Smallpox FAQ, (and from The Demon in the Freezer), I do see that the vaccine should not be given to a person with eczema. Is it problematic to give it to a person with bedsores?

Thanks again!
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Child raised by family of bigots/political extremists/terrorists, then rejects them

Setting: contemporary Britain, slightly fantasy AU featuring magical races, and bigotry against them.

I need to know what it's like for a child/teenager to be raised by loving parents who are also bigoted political extremists/terrorists, who then raise their children to share their bigoted racist beliefs. Specifically, I want to know what it's like to grow up and realise that your parents beliefs are wrong and dangerous, and then reject those beliefs, and partially or completely reject your parents and your friends who share the same extremely bigoted worldview. What would trigger a decision like that? What's the process of rejection? What's the emotional fallout?

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I'm willing to accept anything: links, news articles, academic papers, memoirs, histories, personal anecdotes; anything. I just have a mental block on this character's motivations, so any help you can give me would be great. Thanks!