August 21st, 2011

Partial sight adaptation to life and playing instruments

Hello again,

I'm gathering up information before the (in)famous NaNo hits, and while thinking over my plot, I ran across a part I need some details for...

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Thanks in advance for any help!

Edit 2: Got all the answers I need in terms of her carrying a cane (or in this case, not). My issue is, I have both a roleplaying version of the character and will have a NaNo version--I'm simply going to make it so her NaNo version doesn't and never had a cane, but since I'm idiot who misunderstood things and her character is already fairly well-established in the RP, I can't add conditions/illnesses to her without mod approval there (and they can be hard to get hold of), so now I need a way for her to ditch the cane and probably say her family pushed it on her to have rather than her needing it, since they are overprotective. I might just have her 'forget' it someplace. Maybe to that end I could sneak in her having a condition that cleared up as she got older so she needed the cane when she was younger, but not so much now?

I don't need any further info on the cane stuff now, but still need info on the harp and some way to explain away her now not needing the cane. Thanks!