August 15th, 2011


Some questions about Uruguay.

Setting: Montevideo, Uruguay in modern day, and I was wondering if someone could help me answer some questions. I've got questions concerning the Spanish and Portuguese language, the culture or Uruguay and homosexuality in Uruguay.

I've tried to google all of these questions, but I haven't found what I was looking for. I don't remember everything I've googled because it's a lot of different things, but some of the terms I've googled include: accents in Uruguay, poverty in Uruguay, poverty in Montevideo, unemployment youth montevideo, uruguay english, homosexuality in Uruguay, homosexuality in Montevideo, do people who speak Spanish and people who speak Portuguese understand each other.

1. My character has recently moved from Salto to Montevideo. Does his accent differ from the one in Montevideo? And if so, would the difference be very noticeable?

2. I know poverty is quite a big problem in Uruguay, but exactly how big? Is it a widespread problem? If you live in Montevideo, would it be realistic to be poor? Are people generally poorer in rural areas and/or Salto than in Montevideo? What would your life be like if you're poor? Would you finish high school? Would you have to start working when you're still in school etc.?

3. I've read that unemployment is a big problem in Uruguay, so I guess it would be even more difficult getting a job if you're young, am I right? If you're young and fairly uneducated, what would you do for a living?

5. What do young people in Montevideo do for fun? Anything special I should know about? I should probably tell you that my character is somewhere between 14 and 17 (I haven't decided yet), plays football (soccer) and aspires to become a professional footballer in Europe in the future.

6. I've also read that Uruguay as a country is fairly accepting when it comes to homosexuality, that it's legal and that homosexuals may adopt children. But what is the general opinion on homosexuality? Is it frowned upon, or is it quite accepted? Would it differ, depending on whether you live in a rural area, or in Montevideo?

7. If you're from Uruguay, would you know how to speak English? Is it compulsory to learn English in school?

8. And here's a general question: (I don't speak any Spanish or Portuguese at all so please forgive my lack of knowledge), but would a person from Uruguay understand someone from Brazil? Or in general, would a Spanish speaking person understand someone who speaks Portuguese? Would a person from Uruguay have any difficulties understanding a Spanish speaking person from Spain?

Thanks in advance!
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[ANON POST] Dishonourable Discharge from the British Army

I have a character who is Not A Very Nice Man, and has been dishonourably discharged from the British Army under suspicion of committing murder (present day setting).

My question is, how does this process work? I know that generally there is a court martial and then a prison term first, but is it possible for him to skip the prison term (no hard evidence) and just get kicked out? Can someone give me a general overview of the process from start to finish?

What would his life look like upon getting home (difficulties getting jobs, etc)?

I've googled just about every permutation of "dishonourable discharge," "court martial," and "british army," and read the Wikipedia article on Military Discharge (which seems to be focused on American military discharge).
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King John of England's Friends

Setting: England, 1190 - 1192

Trying to find out who John of England would have been friends (or at least aquainted with) during his time as Prince while Richard was off on crusade - any court favourites that he might have spent time with. The only person I've found so far is William de Braose, but I was hoping to find some other names - possibly knights who would have been in his retinue during the time?

I've scanned through wikipedia articles of John and Google searched 'king john friends'/'king john england retinue' and various variations but haven't found anything.

Cheers in advance!