August 12th, 2011


Question regarding British army officer's choice of uniform for a wedding

I'm writing a fic where a British army officer (rank of captain, if that makes a difference) is attending a wedding. I know that there's a certain uniform that he is to wear, but I'm unsure as to what that is.

I have Googled and tried Wikipedia, using "British army uniform for wedding", "dress uniform" and variations on those. Wikipedia tells me that there are two types of ceremonial uniform, full dress uniform and no.1 temperate ceremonial uniform, both of which can be worn at weddings.

The British Army website has information about uniforms, but canon has never specified which regiment the character is part of so it's not that helpful. I also can't find anything about which uniform is worn where.

He's supposed to make an impact at the wedding - be the dashing handsome stranger that upstages both the groom and the bride - so I'd love to make the uniform as elaborate as possible. But if it has to be the relatively plain blue uniform with the stripe on the trousers, so be it!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.