August 10th, 2011

Personal Accounts From Undocumented Migrants (esp in London)

I'm writing a story set in contemporary London and it involves several undocumented migrants (AKA illegal immigrants). I've done some research and I have a good broad picture of the kinds of jobs they might find, the places they might live etc, but I'm still looking for a bit more detail about what everyday life would be like. Obviously it's the kind of thing where it's difficult to find first-person accounts, but if anyone knows of any resources, I'd love to hear about them.

Although my story is set in London, something similar from a different city would probably also be helpful.

Google searched "undocumented migrants London personal accounts" "illegal immigrant stories London" and several variations on that theme. The most useful articles I found were this one and this one.


Yes, me again <.<;;;;;;;;;;;; I'm sorry, I must be getting quite irritating. (Sadly I don't have access to my college library anymore, and my local library is not so well-stocked on the type of info I need, so this is my go-to place for info. Google's good for some things but not so much for others.)

As the title of the entry says, I need honorifics that would be used in the Early Edo era (1630s or thereabouts). I've run across a couple different sites the list the same honorifics (-san, -sama, -chan, -dono, sensei, sempai, -ue, etc), but give conflicting information about site says -dono is between -san and -sama in level of respect, while another says it's actually higher than -sama, and that -san and -sama are recent inventions. o.O

Since I have a variety of characters social class-wise, a comprehensive list of honorifics would be the most helpful, though here are some specific instances:

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Thank you!