August 4th, 2011

A Link to Psychological Disorders


This isn't a post looking for information, but rather about giving information. I found a site, completely by accident, that tells about a good range of psychological disorders. I just thought it would be useful to anyone who needed it.


I tagged with what I thought was appropriate. If there are any that do not belong, or if I missed any, please let me know.


"By the morrow" Victorian usage?

This really is a Little Detail, but it's bugging me and I would love to know the answer.

Setting of story: 1880s Victorian London

So I'm writing a fanfic for a Victorian novel and I have one character saying the line: "I should be amazed if he has not dismissed my friendship by the morrow".The problem is I'm not sure if "to-morrow" would be more appropriate phrasing for the time, instead of "by the morrow", i.e. that he should say " friendship by to-morrow".

I tried googling, with the terms: "By the morrow" usage, "By the morrow" use, "By the morrow" etymology, "By the morrow" Victorian. Nothing came up that was remotely relevant to what I needed. '"To-morrow" first use' gave me the information that the term "to-morrow" first appeared in literature in 1010, which is sort of helpful but doesn't really let me know how it was used in casual conversation. Can anyone here help?

EDIT: Thanks, all! It's been a while since I've read the particular book I'm writing for, and indeed any Victorian literature at all, so I've been writing things a little too archaically in order to avoid sounding like I'm just 'writing modern'. I should probably read over my dialogue when I'm done with the fic and fix it. Thanks again. :)