August 1st, 2011

Winners Wear Red

UK WWII: Failure to report at your post.

Hi everyone!

It’s a nano esque event again and I’m writing a story in WWII. Whilst I’ll probably be starting with some character studies and getting into in depth research throughout September and October, I’ve already got a question google will not answer.

I want to start the novel with the MC’s father not reporting to his post. He left his house to go report to his post, everyone in the house knows it swears blind and are happy to let any relevant authorities look for him.

So my question is this. Does anyone know what the procedure would have been on the part of the British military when he didn’t show up? Would they go to his house to look for him/potential court martial him if they thought he was running away? How long would they wait? (Etc, etc!)
Possible relevant factors:
The man is well respected, although considered odd for having married a Chinese woman and living in china town. He’s working for a fictional sub branch of the SOE (which is obviously a secret, but a few people might know- though I’m unsure who would be the logical person to be in the know) He’s a committed patriot and his family are going to be terribly shocked by his failure to turn up and immediately assume something happened to him after he left the house (So presumably some of his close mates in the service will be too).

Sure to be back with more! Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Boy Scout Uniforms and Rules as of 1986

So, the think is that I write a load of Kids Incorporated fanfic. I got this idea a long while ago and I would like to describe uniforms and rules for the Boy Scouts when the fic is set (1986) and where it's set (New York).

My questions are:
  • Description or picture of uniform?
  • Would someone who dropped out of high school but has started studying for his diploma be able to become an Eagle Scout?
  • Were boys allowed to join without parental involvement? (ie, there dad doesn't 'check the place out')
  • What would a typical meeting consist of?
I tried Googling stuff like "1986 boy scout outfit" to no avail. Wikipedia doesn't have any info. And I can't find anyone to ask.

So, can anyone here tell me anything about this subject?