July 30th, 2011

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GSW - grazing scar and side effects

Setting: Small pacific island, circa 2001. A five-year-old girl is playing with a pair of modern flintlock pistols, when one of them fires. She is holding the pistol in the general direction of her face, but the angle allows the bullet to do nothing but horribly graze her cheek (around the cheekbone area).

Two questions regarding that:

1. How would that kind of wound scar? How would that scar look like after 10 years, assuming the girl was treated quickly and well?

2. Could there be any temporary side effects to a flintlock bullet being shot so close to one's face? Like, I dunno, eardrum rupturing from the sound or something?

I've looked through the gunshot wound tag here at little_details, looked up flintlocks on wikipedia and searched for stuff like "bullet graze", "gunshot graze", "gunshot graze wound" and a lot of those words with "scar" tacked on, but the most I've found was bleeding graze wounds (ew :P). I'm not really sure what to search for in terms of side effects!