July 24th, 2011

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[MOD POST] Looking for volunteer taggers

No, not for freeway overpasses.

My life has gotten a lot busier lately, and the hope I had that I would go through the tags and clean them up all on my own no longer seems realistic. So I am looking for volunteers.

Because right now the tags are (to be honest) kind of a work in progress, I'm not asking for people who want to go through posts and add relevant tags, but for people who will help me clean up the tags by getting rid of duplicates, splitting categories, etc. For example, "go through this tag category, and tag any post that contains [x topic] with this new tag" or "go through this month of posts and make sure everything at least has tags". Once the tag system is wrangled into submission, then I'll be looking for people who will be willing to help tag new posts.

Are there any volunteers?

It will be kind of a nitpicky process until it's all fixed up, so people who have some time to kill doing tedious tasks would be perfect.
Wes and Harry

UK Student School Records and Applying to Public School

A few questions about UK schooling. I’m writing a Harry Potter crossover. Because of the crossover universe involved the story starts September 2, 2002. Harry‘s 10 at this time. If my research is right he would have just started 6th year of Primary School at a fictional local private school (government run) in Little Whinging, Surrey. I’m placing the town in the Borough of Spelthorne.

He kept his grades equal or below what his cousin Dudley received. Dudley is not too bright. So he’s probably only just passing (in the US he would be getting C‘s). Harry also has no friends. Probably doesn’t answer questions in class.

What would be on his school records?

Also he and his new guardian, Wesley will be moving to London. Wesley’s well educated so Harry‘s education would be important to him. I have planned for Wesley to try to get enough money together for Harry to go to a public secondary school starting 7th year. It looks like he would be applying around November/December. Payment is per term (3 total). A few of the London schools I looked at online had tuition being around 5,000 (that’s current prices). So for a year’s schooling he would need to save 15,000.

Does that information seem accurate?

Also, how difficult would it be to get Harry into a Public school in London for the rest of his 6th year? By this time, it would probably be the third week of September of his 6th year. What kind of procedure would be involved? How much money would Wesley have to have? Would it be worth the effort from an educational standpoint? After all, it’s only one year.