July 5th, 2011

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ANON POST: Paint fumes

I'd heard once that paint fumes cause brain damage and breathing problems, but I'm not sure how credible this is, particularly brain damage. Google hasn't helped. I tried "paint fumes" combined with "brain damage", "poison" or "poisoning" and got only random articles of dubious credibility. Even if I can trust the info I've gotten from them, the information I got is too general.

How much exposure is needed to produce the desired side effects - minutes, hours? Will food cooked next door to a room that's being painted be dangerous when eaten because of the fumes? Brain damage means what exactly - what parts or functions are targeted, and what kind of symptoms are there? Lower IQ, less sophisticated thinking process, memory problems? Is the damage permanent?
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ANON POST: Dissociative amnesia/fugue state with history of other mental illness

I've checked out the wikipedia articles for both dissociative amnesia and dissociative fugue, also googled both terms and browsed the posts tagged with amnesia on here, which gave me a good general idea of the condition but as far as the specifics, I'm still having trouble figuring it out.

The setting is modern-day America, and basically the character in question is a male in his early 20s that has struggled with mental illness since early teens. Officially, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and believes his younger sister is trying to kill him and managed to convince everyone else that he's crazy so that no one will believe him. Prior to his amnesia, he was showing some improvement on medication but wasn't considered well enough and lacked skills to live independently and was staying with his parents and siblings.

What happens is the house burns down because of an electrical fire, and him and his siblings are hospitalized due to burns and smoke inhalation. The plan is then that he wakes up with no idea who he is, his life's memories and identity gone completely.

So, questions!

1.) From what I've read of dissociative fugue, the loss of identity usually comes with sudden travel, but given this character's in a hospital hooked up to machines, that's not exactly possible. But would he still try? Is it possible to lose your entire identity without trying to go anywhere? Would he be able to wake up with amnesia or is it more likely to be something that sets in later?

2.) How would his amnesia affect his schizophrenia and treatment? I'm assuming that his old delusions would be forgotten, but would he eventually form new ones if the fugue state lasted long enough? Would they alter his medication at all?

Thank you in advance!
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ANON POST: Help with French translations

I’ve tried using translation engines but I don’t really trust their reliability, so I thought I’d come to the good folks at livejournal to beg for a translation from someone who actually speaks the language :)

Story is set in Paris in 1870, but there are a number of wilful anachronisms so it’s alright if the language usage sounds slightly modern.

The phrases I need translated into French are:

“Are you alright?” (querying as to the person’s physical health)
“You cannot fool me!”
“Monsieur (Character name), I demand that you stand up!” (as in get up physically from the floor)
“I’m looking for Monsieur (Character name). Is he here?”

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
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ANON POST: Names for Asian Indian-American characters

Searched: online baby-name sites (Bachpan.com, list of top names in the US (http://www.bloggermoms.com/most-popular-indian-baby-names/), etc.), Wikipedia ("Neha", "Bhandari", "Asian-Indian Americans", etc.), IMDB (for film stars)

My question: I want to check that my OC and her children's names are appropriate (for birth year and naming tradition, and that first names aren't incongruous with last name). I prefer names that sound average and not super-trendy.

Story takes place in 2010. My OC is born in the early 1970s (east coast US) and is second-generation. Is Neha too modern of a name for her? Does Bhandari work as a family name? She's from a well-to-do family in education and politics (liberal). She's a lawyer; her ex-husband is from a very wealthy family. They have two children (girl and boy, born 2000, 2003). From the above baby-name top ten lists, I like Rohan or Ishaan for the brother and Raina or Nisha for the sister, but worry that I'm picking the equivalent of trendy Isabella and Jacob. If the kids have middle names, they'd be (for example) Rohan Patrick and Raina Grace; is that an odd way of naming?