July 2nd, 2011

Mining operations/Pollution/Child labour

I’m just starting to string together a plot, but I want that plot to make sense from the get-go and am being stumped by a few details. My google-fu is failing me more than a little bit and I’ve got a feeling that I’m missing some magic search term – or, more likely, that I’m still too vague to get any real results.


Similar to Earth. A few very rich people and factories may have two-way radios, but I think that the general technology level is mid-industrial revolution. There may be off-worlders with higher technology who do business with the rich people but never actually land.


Plot background:
POV Character is 11-14 years old. Her family raises small deer-like creatures for milk and meat but lose the farm and are possibly put on trial after the milk and meat make several people very sick. With the family in dire straits and the verge of starvation the POV character tries to find a way to bring in some extra income but ends up being kidnapped and in a nasty child labour situation. I want the labour the POV character ends up in to turn out to be the cause of the farm failure (the pollution from it contaminated the animals, somehow).




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