June 30th, 2011

Medicine and Amnesia in England, 1896

All of the research I've done on this so far has been quite useless, or little anecdotes at best. I found old newspaper articles about strange incidents where a person lost their memory after a bad hit on the head and got it back a week later, so I know that the public at least didn't know much about amnesia.

The story is set in Yorkshire, in a fictional village in the middle of nowhere called Clarford. The doctor there makes his living off of the ailing Lord Clarford, and is very well educated. When he's not caring for the Lord, he's mending hurts down in the village.

How would he deal with a case of amnesia? What did they know about amnesia at the time? Is there any way that he could figure out the patient is pretending to have amnesia, other than making the person slip up and mention some detail of their past they're supposed to have forgotten?