June 20th, 2011


I need a musical.

Setting: Present day fictional American university.

I've created a fictional theatre program where all students with that major are required to have experience in both musical and straight theatre in order to graduate.

And my protagonist hates musicals.

So I'm looking for a very 'un-musically' musical. Either one without much music, or one that is pretty far outside the mainstream image of musical theatre.

I've tried googling various things, but because I don't know much about a lot of American musical theatre (not that it has to be an American musical), so I wasn't really able to tell what shows would fit.

The only requirements are that it could conceivably be produced in a university (I know some shows won't get performance rights for uni productions, but that's not a deal-breaker for this story, though preferably not something currently in it's first run on Broadway) and that it not be very musical-y.