June 18th, 2011

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17th century Wales: general search

 Previous research:
- Julia Brake, Christine Jones, Teach yourself world culture: Wales
- Alwyn D. Rees, Life in a Welsh countryside
- Google search “17th century Wales”
- Google search “17th century life”
- Google search “17th century dress”
- Google search “Welsh geology,” “geology of Wales”
- Extensively bothering Sollersuk via PM.

Specific time period: up to early September 1646.
(Modern) location: Gwynedd, in Snowdonia national park

I have been researching about 17th century, but I feel I haven’t found enough: naturally, almost all my research lead to the Civil War, but that’s not the central part of my story as all my characters are not directly involved (Think brother Cadfael rather than Sharpe)

My weaker areas are:
- General Welsh history, especially economic changes after the Act of Union.
- Everyday life in general, economic life and class division in particular
- The Royalist POV – who supported the king and why?

I’m sure there’s more I haven’t thought about, too. Could you recommend resources for the time period or the specific issues?
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Boyhood aspirations in in 1700s

Setting: early 1700s England (historically realistic aside from a sort of fantasy twist in the plot line)

My basic question is: did boys grow up with aspirations akin to their modern counterparts e.g. did they view certain professions as particularly desirable at an early age such as a small boy proclaiming he wishes to become an astronaut? Specifically I am concerned with whether it is realistic to have a small boy dreaming of becoming a pirate, whether children would 'play pirates' in ways similar to modern children. Is it more likely to have dreamt of another profession at sea such as the navy or fisherman?

If they would not what justification could be placed on the aspiration to become a pirate? I have a character who was a pirate, and through a complicated series of events is basically reborn with his memories intact but inaccessible (for the moment) though they leaking through into his dreams and such.

Searches: various combinations of childhood aspirations in 1700s, childhood games in 1700s, pirates and children 1700s, but all I seem to get it information about games such as hoops, information on actually being a pirate, or completely irrelevant results.

ETA: Thanks guys, I'm gonna have him interpret his dreams / shift them into dreaming of fighting pirates instead of being one.