June 16th, 2011

evangeline | the vampire waltz

saints known for defeating demons

Setting: a boarding school in modern-day England.

Basically: I am trying to name a boarding school for a YA gothic in which supernatural shenanigans are afoot. It was founded in the early nineteenth century for the express purpose of educating youth in recognising and destroying demonic forces, but after the original founder died it was turned into an ostensibly normal school (with a bit of covert magical education on the side). I'd like to call it after a saint, and especially one with a suitably interesting name, but haven't managed to find anything about saints with particular provenance over vanquishing demons or any especially notable demon-destroying stories about them. I've Googled and Wikipedia'd stuff like saints and demons, saints associated with demons, folklore about saints, saints and exorcism, et cetera, and have read several articles on demonology in general, and haven't come up with much more than a lot of sports teams (good grief, how many headline puns on SAINTS VANQUISH DEMONS can there be?), role-playing games, and the occasional interesting article about the history of exorcisms that still doesn't give me what I'm looking for.