June 10th, 2011

College course a freshman and junior could both take

My story takes place in generic modern-day, generic-city, south-eastern US. The college isn't small, probably a fair-sized university, but I've mostly come up with the characters so far, and other details are fluid and changeable.

I need freshman character and junior character (both females) to share a class that would cause them to work together on a project outside of the class, causing freshman character to meet one of junior character's friends (friend is still in high school). I rather need it to be a class, because these characters would not hang out with each other under normal circumstances.

Junior is a chemistry major, while freshman in still undeclared, but has a bit of a liberal arts slant. Freshman could have taken AP or IB classes in high school to take more advanced classes in college if necessary. Prefer for it to be during the spring semester, if that makes a difference.

I'm starting college in August, but as of yet don't know what sort of classes could be taken by different year levels. Browsed the education section, but couldn't think how to search this question. Thank you!

Edit: thank you for all the great answers! I see I have many options, and I'll try to figure out what sort of project and class would aid the story the most. I particularly like language or econ for some reason. Thank you!