June 9th, 2011

Diagnosing psychiatric problem in teenage girl

Trying to diagnose a girl who's being stalked by a supernatural monster that no one else knows exists. This is going to get pretty long and rambly.Collapse )

edit: Thanks to all those who responded. If I do go with PTSD as the official diagnosis, is there likely to be any significant difference in treatment if they think it's from sexual vs nonsexual trauma?

Names for a city in fairyland

So! I'm writing a story in a modern fantasy setting, where we have the normal human world and a "fairyland" of sorts existing alongside each other. The names in this enchanted location are drawn from various different sources, mythological and literary - so we have the castle Hautdesert, the Forest of Arden, the island of Avalon, etc.

What I really need is an appropriate name for the elf/fairy capital city, and I can't for the life of me think of anything. Since I know fairies aren't exactly urban creatures most of the time, the name of any building/fortification/state/palace would do fine. I am playing extremely fast and loose with the mythology (in what I hope is a non-tooth-grinding sort of way).

I might just go with "Alfheim" if I can't think of anything, but I'd rather have something from British folklore and legend if there's anything that springs to mind (I know it's sometimes anglicised to "Elfhame", but it doesn't sound... quite right, somehow. I'm trying not to smack the reader round the face with the fantasy aspects, so having the English word for "elf" in the title sounds a bit silly)

Research: mostly Wikipedia, I'm afraid. Googling elf/city/mythological gets you a lot of Lord Of The Rings, WoW and Dragon Age, which are not quite what I am after!