May 28th, 2011

fossilized stone carvings -- preservation

Setting: modern day, Australia [though the carving was made in the early Miocene, about 20 million years ago]

Google: ... well, I didn't really know how to search for something like this. I searched for "pseudofossil" and "fulgurite", since those are kind of complicated stone structures so might be vaguely analogous...

If a carved piece of stone (with the carvings being reasonably deep, not just millimeter scratches -- say half a cm to a cm deep) got buried in the right kind of soil for fossilization (along with, say, the fossilizing bones of the creature that was carrying it), could it survive well enough that the shapes of the carvings (in this case, a map with continent outlines and deep dots/scores marking major sites) could be read ~20 million years later?

kerosene poisoning through inhalation

Googled: kerosene poisoning, kerosene fumes, kerosene inhalation
Setting: modern day

Google turned up generic information (pages from Medline, etc.). My character (20's, female, overweight and generally depressed and neurotic, neither eats well nor exercises) is exposed to kerosene fumes because her mentally ill housemate (50's) uses kerosene as a lotion - applies it to her legs and has been doing this for decades (subject to change if research can't support it) before my character finds out. The day she does, she breathes in the fumes for 30 minutes to an hour - complains about the smell, but doesn't move out. Around dinnertime, the housemate walks in the bedroom my character is in and dumps herself on the bed to watch TV. The room has an electric fan, the windows are closed, and only the door to the dining room is open.

They've been living in the same house for more little more than 2 decades, but my character's reclusive and oblivious enough not to notice a lot of what goes on. In case it means more exposure, they started sleeping in one bed for the past few months. And will still be sleeping together. They turn on the air conditioner occasionally.

How much kerosene fumes should be inhaled before my character gets poisoning? Is it possible to get poisoned through secondary means (say the housemate props her kerosene-coated legs on the pillow my character lies on or hugs when she's sleeping?)? Does kerosene stop emitting fumes, and how long before this happens?

exhibitions of Lipizzaner Stallions in 1970s in Austria

I know the horses were returned to the Spanish Riding School in '55, but I need to know if the stallions perfomed in Vienna in the 70s. This is for a throwaway line by a character saying his parents had brought him there to see them. I've got a bit of leeway, between '70-'77. I just don't want anyone to call me on it.

I've googled Lipizzaner Stallions, exhibitions by Lipizzaner stallions in Austria in 1970s (got some fun facts about Miracle of the White Stallions and Mary Stewart's Airs Above the Ground, as well as disturbing ones about a viral infection that did serious damage to the breed -- there are only about 3000 registered worldwide.

Anyway, thanks very much.
La Gothica

Identifying an illness

I am writing a continuation fanfic for the "Black Bird" sidestory "Angels". In canon, it is established that Chiharu (the lead male character) suffer/ed from an unidentified illness that led to him having low endurance, fainting spells, dizziness and a tendency to shortness of breath after exertion, which was cured by an operation in a foreign hospital.

Googling the symptoms, and looking them up on medical websites, universally led to a diagnosis of hypotension (low blood pressure), which is not generally considered medically serious (certainly not life-threatening) and is NEVER treated with surgery. No other condition came up to match all of these but only these symptoms - the heart conditions I found which matched the treatment all included other symptoms and often didn't include one or more of the canon symptoms Chiharu displayed.

Would anybody here know of a medical condition that does match both the symptoms and the treatment?

I know it would be very easy to handwave Chiharu's ongoing medical care (after all, clearly the original author did), but medical issues are already addressed in the main manga, Chiharu's illness is a major part of his and Sumire's story, and I do want to deal with how a village of tengu who maintain a culture straight out of the Meiji Era are going to handle a medically-delicate human.

Searched terms: low endurance, dizziness, fainting spells, shortness of breath, cardiovascular surgery.

Was LiveAid Broadcasted in the Soviet Union in June 1985?

I hope someone remember and can help to answer this question.

I've googled various combinations of /with the above key words, but haven't found an answer yet. I've found out that for the first time ever an uncensored program aired from the USSR to the West - performance of a popular Soviet rock band Authograph as part of LiveAid on July 13, 1985. But I don't know if the Soviet audience actually saw all or at least part of the LiveAid, either live or a record afterwards. If they didn't see it, did they know about the event at all at the time?

The actual fact of this event in the Soviet Union will directly affect the events in the story I'm writing. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Evil Manifest

Fire terminology - tube shaped flame

I'm looking for the correct term, preferably, or failing that either a picture or video that shows the phenomena I'm referring to.

The phenomena I need a name for or image of is when a flame forms into a tube shape. I've only ever seen a few images of it, and they were always interior fires where the tube formed against or very close to a ceiling or wall. In the video they were formed right after the fire hit an upper corner - I assume it is caused by hot gas somehow, but have no idea of the mechanics of it. I am fairly certain that it is not the same thing as a fire tornado/fire vortex, unless they look very different when indoors.
I used to have a video that showed it; I seem to recall it was a grease fire safety video, but I'm not certain. I know it was an interior fire. Having checked all my fire bookmarks it seems to be one of the ones where the url is no longer valid. I've probably checked every grease fire safety video on youtube (or at least the first 9-10 pages worth) and wasn't able to find it or another that showed the same phenomena.

Google and/or YoutTube searches:
Fire, fire forms tube, fire forms tunnel, fire tube, model of fire, grease fire, interior fire, kitchen fire, fire pipe, flames, different kinds of fire, different kinds of flames, flame behavior, flame tube, fire model, fire tunnel, fire vortex, fire tornado, Interior fire, backdraft, flashover.