May 19th, 2011

Tare Gin-chan

Heart-related illnesses?

Hello all! I am having trouble finding a heart-related illness. :<

The setting is modern day Japan.

The character involved is a 24 year old ex-computer programmer/hacker turned into a delinquent school janitor. He's a smoker, a drinker, has had a past, brutal head injury involving a desk falling out a second story window, is generally under a wild amount of stress (keeping his identity hidden, constant guilt over the death of his friend, looking after his deceased friend's younger sister and keeping her out of danger) and experiences quite the amount of emotional turmoil during the course of the actual series.

I would like for him not to even know that he's sick until it happens - I want him to be going about his day before he starts to feel sick and eventually collapse. I would prefer for him to live, even if he's permanently damaged/needs surgery/needs a pacemaker/his lifespan is reduced.

I have googled "congenital heart defects", "heart conditions in young men", "heart conditions" and " heart diseases", and I've gone to Mayoclinic and webmd, but have come up short with ones that suddenly pop up in the mid twenties.

I appreciate your time! :)

ETA: <3 I've got some really awesome responses; thank you, everyone!!

Domestic violence sentencing question - complicated!

I've got a scenario involving a woman being beaten up by her alcoholic boyfriend in the presence of her 11 year old son. The place is some fictional city in North Carolina, the year is 1998.

I want to work things in the story so that the boyfriend winds up serving a prison sentence that is a matter of years--and where it's complicated is that I want the son to do something that's underhand, yet not too unethical, that results in the boyfriend serving more time than he otherwise would have. The story starts when the son is going on 16, and I'd like the man's release to be either imminent or to have occurred within the past few months. So he needs to have served at least 3 years.

Google search terms I've used: sentencing for domestic violence NC, domestic violence sentencing north carolina, what makes an assault aggravated, degrees of assault north carolina, possession of drugs in north carolina. I've looked at the North Carolina structured sentencing chart here, and I've read information on various defense lawyer websites.

I've learned a lot, but I need a little help on some points to make sure my outline is plausible. Please see below cut to view the scenario in more detail, the information I think I've found, and the possibilities I'm toying with and the questions I have.

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Monty Python - Mr Gumby

GSW to the chest (to order) and handguns

Setting: 2011, Honolulu, USA. It's pretty much our world, with added werewolves.

The character, S., is a fit, healthy Navy SEAL in his 30s (yes, this is Hawaii Five-0 fanfic) who in my story is a werewolf. Lycanthropy gives him faster healing and greater physical resilience, but this is a closely-guarded secret and not known to the doctors treating him.

My questions mostly concern the plausibility of my scenario. Some details can be glossed over, since the story's narrated by a shocked and scared civilian with limited medical knowledge. I'd like to be accurate, if possible, but I'd settle for not making readers roll their eyes!

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- google (variations on 'handguns', 'self-defense', 'gunshot wound', 'sucking chest wound', 'intubation', etc)
- Wikipedia articles (ballistic trauma, handguns, 9mm, chest wounds, chest tube, pneumothorax, hemothorax, intubation, etc)
- I've looked at all little_details entries tagged "medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds", plus some of "medicine: injuries to order" and "weapons: firearms"
- I've also read parts of two free ebooks: Di Maio, Gunshot Wounds and Dodd, Terminal Ballistics, though I had some trouble understanding them.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.