May 14th, 2011

Resource: deserts

I wrote a kind of long, rambling article about deserts, that may contain useful information for people writing a story set in a desert--either a real-world desert, or a desert of their own creation. It discusses what a desert is and isn't, some of the ways deserts are different from not-deserts, common misconceptions, and so forth.

It's here:
supernatural - jared look down
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autopsy of a body found in quicksand + differentiating between bruises from two people

What would a person doing an autopsy on a body that has been drowned in quicksand observe and do while performing the autopsy? 
In the story, the person that will drown first had character A try to pull him out, then character B try to pull him out. The drowning person fought against character B, then character B pushed the person back in the quicksand to drown him purposefully.  My second question is:  would the bruises on the body from character A pulling on his arms be distinctive from the bruises character B caused on the arms and the bruises he would place on the shoulders from pushing the drowning person down?

Setting: Present day, River Forest, IL (also known as the forest-y, swampy area outside of Chicago)
Research: "postmortem body quicksand" "what body looks like drowned in quicksand" "autopsy quicksand" "autopsy drowned body" and various other combinations of "body" "quicksand" and words that mean a person is dead. Most of my info comes from these links (WARNING: SOME ARE VERY GRAPHIC AND INCLUDE PICTURES AND VIDEOS OF DEAD BODIES AND/OR AUTOPSIES BEING PERFORMED): link1, link2, link3, link4, link5
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