May 13th, 2011

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Brain Death in Japan

Hi there!

I'm writing a story based in Japan, where the character commits suicide by jumping from a building.

I need her to survive the fall and be hospitalized, but die some time later.  I think about a week or so.  The other main character will be interacting with her through an astral or dream world until she is ready to depart.

I've done research about the practicality of surviving a suicide attempt like this and am thinking I may need to break her fall with something like a car.  I've also been trying to find articles in regards to treatment of these types of patients in Japan, and have found previous posts in this community helpful in regards to understanding the differences between vegetative and brain death a little better.  I've been checking out books from the library in hopes of understanding brain trauma a little better but am having a hard time finding information that is not related to strokes or auto accidents.  I have to go to the library to use the internet, but I've been trying to find information through google in my spare time.  ("Japan Brain Death", "Brain Death", "Suicide fall survival" and many combinations of similar words.)

I pulled up this news article and I feel like this closely matches what I am trying to achieve story wise:

The problem is that the main character is not Japanese, and she is not an organ donor, although I could make her a donor if need be.

The second main character will not arrive at the hospital to see her for a couple of would a Japanese hospital handle her?  The articles I have found point to organ donation guidelines as being recent, and the article I linked to stated that guidelines for removal of a respirator was recent at that point as well.  How do I make sure that they put her on one in the first place?  Is the heartbeat enough?

I've seen a few news stories about foreigners in hospitals dying because of financial instability, or their refusal to treat them.  A backup plan is that the second main character is rather affluent and I plan on having him foot the hospital bill.  He did so previously for her, do I need to make someone at the hospital remember her as a financial motive?  I would rather not go this route as this story has nothing to do with Japan's problems in its treatment of foreigners, I'm hoping that I can find enough information to make it believable from a medical perspective.

Thanks for the help!
Team Jim

Edwardian fashion in rural England

Time: Late Edwardian era. Probably about 1908-ish.
Location: English countryside.
Searched: Edwardian fashion, Edwardian clothing, got lost on Wikipedia, checked the tags here and found a few decent sites.

To start, the above searches yielded quite a lot of information and photos, but it was pretty much all more to do with the upper classes. I'm looking for what would be worn by more simpler country folk during this time. Logic tells me that fashion must have changed a bit outside of the cities, but I can't seem to find anything of it outside of knowing that Sherlock Holmes would have only worn his deerstalker in the country.

This is for a comic, which is also creating a bit of an issue. It's fine and dandy to explain frocks and waistcoats, but there are some finer details that get missed in text, so ideally, I'm looking for photographs. Authentic or reproduction doesn't matter, so long as it's something I can look at and draw from.

I'm in need of both men's and women's clothing. One of my female characters is also pregnant, but I can't seem to work out whether they had any real maternity wear a century ago.

The comic is a bit fanciful -- sort of Wind in the Willows on crack -- so I'm willing to be a bit flexible in dating everything. Late Victorian through Early WWI era will also do, but I'd like to not stray to far away from the Edwardian era.