April 29th, 2011

  • lisbei

What is the protocol for telling an English monarch that he is the King?

So, I'm writing a Flashforward crossover in which due to a series of blackout-induced accidents, Prince Harry is the King. But who would tell him? The Archbishop of Canterbury, and? And how would it go? How realistic and true to life is the scene in the King's Speech, or was that just made up? Because Queen Elizabeth II was in Kenya when she found out and she had no mourning clothes with her, no one took any photos or made any interviews, so all I can find, "she was informed of her father's death"; or that Philip broke the news.

Would they kneel? Would anyone even say, "the Queen is dead, long live the King", or is that a made-up thing too? Is there a ring to hand over (I know, too many movies, right)?

I know, I'm writing the story, maybe I should make the whole thing up!

I've googled various variations of 'what would happen if Queen Elizabeth dies', but all I get is variations on the subject of William becoming King before Charles, which always makes me roll my eyes.

ETA: Problem solved! Thanks so much to everyone for your answers!