April 27th, 2011


1500's Scandinavian farms

I am just starting on a novella that is set in Norway, most likely in the late 1400s or early 1500s, and I am having a lot of trouble finding information on farm life. I especially want information on what kinds of animals were raised, what buildings were like, and what they ate.

I have a few books on medieval culture but all the information in them is based on the main European continent, not Scandinavia, and is also a little older than I want. I've tried googling various combinations of historic, farm/farming, scandinavia/scandinavian, livestock, and diet, and all I've really learned is that fish are very important. Any information will help!

WWII RAF question, horse farms and war orphans

And it's all for the same story...

Setting: during and post WWII Britian

I am working on background for one of my main characters and I have something I want to see if it is plausible.

  1. I would like his father to be RAF KIA, with a history of RAF service in the family though I know the RAF wasn't that old at that point. If his father had been in RAF prior to the war would they have lived on a base, or could they have lived elsewhere? Or could his father have been in a few years, gotten out of the service when he wanted to settle down, but been in some sort of reserves so he was recalled within the first few weeks of war? This doesn't seem likely from my research, but would be convenient.

    (Google search: "RAF history", "RAF reserves"; RAF official site; related wikipedia pages.)

  2. If he could have grown up somewhere off of a military base, Would his parents be able to have a smallish horse farm/breeding business in the country? Would this be a pursuit for someone moderately wealthy or working class? Do you have any resources about horse breeding in Britain, my google searches turned up very little.

    (Google search: "British horse breeding", "British horse farm")

  3. Lastly, (though this is where my train of thought actually began) if they were moderately wealthy or cam from "old money" would it be plausible that my character's mother, after the death of her husband opened their home to a few war orphans and made it in to a sort of permanent, if small orphanage? I know there were the evacuations from London, but I am thinking later than that.

    (Google Search: "British Orphans WWII", "British Orphanages 1945")

    Resources for this would also be welcome. All I got in my google search was of orphans being shipped to Australia and it being a horrible scandal.

In summary I would like one of my main settings to be a small horse farm/ home for war orphans in the country run by a war widow. Am I nuts?

high school swim meets (Maine)

Hello, little detailers!

I've been sifting through data but I'm kind of lazy and would like some anecdata to help me out.

Setting: 1996, small-town Maine, USA

Situation: I put two of my characters on the swim team! That was silly, since I've never been on a swim team or been to a swim meet. Sadly I am now trying to write a swim meet with no first-hand experience. Help and/or being pointed at resources would be great!

Googled: maine swimming, high school swim meet, maine high school swimming records

I've found lots of good info about swimming times, meet results, and lots of videos on YouTube that are clearly catering to pervs and weirdos (fair enough), but I still have some questions:

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Crippling leg and arm injuries?

Howdy!  First post in this lovely community after quite a while lurking.

So here's the question:
I need a character to be injured from a fall (off a cliff) in such a way that even after several years he can't walk without a crutch, and doesn't have full range of motion in one arm.  Medical care is minimal, about medieval level.  There's a possibility he wouldn't be able to, say, stay off of a broken leg long enough for it to completely heal since he's from a nomadic group of people.  He's in his mid-teens when the injury occurs.  Any thoughts?