April 10th, 2011

Behemoth (Master&Margarita)

Blood splatter plausibility

Setting: Present-day but steampunkish Chicago, involving characters from an entirely different universe.

I Googled "blood splatter" and came up with results like this, which would be very useful if I remembered anything from high school geometry. Basically, I have a scenario, and I'm wondering whether it is possible.

One character is chasing another down an alleyway. A shootout occurs. The types of guns they're using is up in the air—the first character usually goes for a Colt Anaconda; the other, in an attempt to fit in with the locals, is probably using a flintlock pistol or something equally ridiculous. The first character manages to hit the second in the shoulder—the shot is not immediately fatal (but can be eventually fatal, if arterial spray is the only way to go about it), and the victim manages to escape into his accomplice's coach.

Assuming the first character is close by, what are the chances that any blood gets on him? How close does he have to be to literally have blood on his hands?

Juilliard; university training for musical theatre

TIME/PLACE: 2012, united states

I'm writing a story where a senior in high school (female) is absolutely intent on a broadway career. She has the talent to do it, but she wants the formal training of a university degree, too. She'll be graduating in 2012, so she'd need to attend the March auditions (at least, that's when the two websites below talk about auditions).

I was going to have her going to the Juilliard School, when I looked on the website, and... it looks like the only vocal training they offer is for opera singers, which won't do.

1) am I mistaken on this, and Juilliard does offer theatrical vocal training, and I missed it somewhere?

2) I've looked through the website for NYU Tisch, and found the musical theatre department under the Drama section (I've heard it's highly regarded). Can anyone tell me what the top-tier colleges that train in this sort of thing are?

(I don't live in the US, so there's no local resources for me on this)

searched: the Juilliard school and NYU and Tisch websites. Tried a google search for usa+performing arts+college and got the internet equivalent of a garbage hand in poker.