April 9th, 2011

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Calling a jammed cell phone

In a realistic, (mearly) modern day setting--it's a little bit into the future, but only by ten years--what would happen if Character B tried to call Character A while Character A's cell phone was being jammed by a cell jammer?

I've searched "calling a jammed cell phone" and "cell phone jammers", which gave me links to plenty of articles about how cell phone jammers work and their legality, but nothing really covering what happens if a call is incoming, not outgoing. My best guess is that the caller would get some sort of "call cannot be completed at this time" message, but I have no basis for that other than guessing. Am I even close?

Lose a finger = bleed to death?

I need to know if it's actually possible for a person to bleed to death if one of their fingers is chopped off. This occurs in an early (or maybe pre-)medieval setting, in a worst case scenario--they don't have time to try to stop the bleeding because they're being attacked, and are being extremely active, running around fighting and stuff.

I've tried looking up phrases like cut off finger bleed to death, lose finger bleed to death, what happens if I lose a finger -nail, bled to death from finger, how much blood from cut off finger, etc. Most of the results seem to be from Yahoo Answers and similar sites, with answers that range from "OMG yes" to "of course you won't". The rest were anecdotal or irrelevant. (I'll admit I might have been able to do better, but I can only handle so many graphic descriptions of gore and blood loss.)

Most of what I've heard in real life would seem to suggest that it won't immediately kill you, but obviously people in this day and age do tend to themselves somehow and don't immediately rush into a long swordfight, which is what I want to know about. Can a person bleed to death from a lost finger? How quickly might it take effect, from weakening them noticeably to actually killing them? Even if it wasn't lethal, how much blood could they expect to lose?