March 30th, 2011


Sudden Death in a young woman.

I need something to kill a character off.

It's a modern-day story, set in the USA, and my character is in her late twenties.

The only thing it has to be is that it's something that kills her immediately.

Beyond that, ideally it would be based on a pre-existing condition that she knew about, but the likelyhood of it manifesting were tiny, so she wasn't really bothered about it. She drinks a decent amount of wine, eats a lot of rich food,(and would be very unwilling to give these up, except on the very strictest of doctor's orders) and used to smoke, if that might affect things.

I want it to be something that no-one saw coming, but they were loosely aware it was a possibility.

Googling has mainly got me warning pages about taking care of my own health. Which is lovely and all but not best helpful.

Touching Uterine Lining

Searches: endometrial lining, uterine lining, withdrawal bleeds birth control, prowling through the archives here, etc. I feel like I just had sex ed all over again.

My character: (human) female, early thirties, healthy aside from assault that put her in the hospital, been on birth control for years but missed the last five active pills (stress is preventing her withdrawal bleed)

The situation: character, hospitalized, on pain meds, and newly sporting telekinetic powers though she doesn't know it yet, is visualizing making her period come by 'peeling' the lining off the endometrial layer. This goes about as well as one might expect. 

(Blessed Cthulhu, dark lord of the internet, I beseech thee to look favorably upon my cut, so we may not all be driven to madness before our time.  Ia! Ia!)

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Just passin' through

Layout of medieval manor (Cijara, in Spain)

Greetings.  Long-time lurker, first time poster, always interesting stuff I see here.

Basically, I am helping run an rpg set in early 13th century Castile (Ars Magica).  We have decided to base our covenant (where the magi live and work) in Casa Palacio de Cijara.  However, we've found conflicting sites about the age of the manor (some say 17th century, some say 13th-14th).

What we're looking for is, was this place around in the late 12th-early 13th century?  And if so, what was the layout of the place?  We're looking for something like a floorplan?

And if it wasn't (we can handwave, say it did), would would the layout of a manor house (if that's the right word) that looked similar to that be?

Did several google searches for layout cijara, floor plan cijara, architecture cijara, layout/floor plan Spain/Spanish manor, with no results.  Found some nice pictures of arched walkways, et cetera around Spain, but nothing like what I'm looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated.