March 25th, 2011


Russian diminutives for Kirill and Nikolai

First off, I should say that before I watched the movie Eastern Promises, the only word in Russian I knew was 'vodka'. Therefore I am well aware that I am aiming a gun at my foot even contemplating this.

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So, TL;DR: What are the diminutives forms of Nikolai and Kirill, and what would be appropriate/inappropriate/shocking/outrageous to use in their situation?

Also, I might as well throw in a bonus question: one character is continuously referred to as 'Soyka'. What would his full name be, if one were to guess?

Thanks in advance. ♥

Police interviews of suspects, late nineteenth century England

Googled: various combinations and Boolean searches using:

"police interviews" "police procedures" "police station" "arrest" "suspect/s" "records" "transcripts" "nineteenth century" "England"

Came across references to one or two academic articles which might have been informative had I had access :-( Otherwise little useful to me.

Also looked at some social history books about crime and punishment but they didn't show enough nitty gritty.

Basically, how much information would police have given a suspect after arrest and once at the Police station (but before appearing before the magistrate) as to not only the basic grounds for their arrest, but the details of the alleged crime, who were the witnesses against them, etc.?


Meaning of the word "Reardan"


While looking for a name for one of my character, a friend of mine suggested "Reardan" directing me to a baby names kind of websites. There they said it means "royal poet/bard" and that the origin of the name was Celtic/Irish. All of this would fit my character quite well, though I would like to be sure of the meaning of the name because I really don't think I can trust a baby names site that much.

Between a few weeks ago when I found this name and now, I did some research on Google typing in "Reardan meaning" or "Irish dictionary" "Celtic words" and other variations like that, but I was unable to find anything helpful. I also checked at my local public library if they had any books that could help me, they didn't.

So I was hoping someone around here might be able to help me and tell me if "Reardan" really means "royal poet/bard" in Irish, or if the baby name site got it all wrong.


Werewolf poisoned with silver

Hi, My character is a werewolf, she has accidentally ingested silver by drinking it in synthetic blood (it wasn't meant for her it was meant for her vampire companion) she is attending a vampire ball.

Q1) What would the symptoms of silver poisoning of a werewolf be?

Q2) How would they be treated? (she can't get to a doctor easily or quickly)

Q3 If untreated would it be fatal?

Search terms used: werewolf poisoning, werewolf poisoning with silver, werewolves and silver.

[the Mods suggested I ask for symptoms of heavy metal and or silver poisoning on humans as an example.]