March 24th, 2011

Tandem skydiving.

I looked in the tags and saw nothing about sky diving sooo. I read about it on Wikipedia and I’ve been watching youtube videos on tandem skydiving. I was wondering if there’s anyone here who has done it. I’m writing a story about someone doing it for the first time and I’d really like to know how it felt for you from the moment you jumped out of the plane until your feet hit the ground. Does your mind just go blank? Do you feel like you’re falling or flying or floating? What are the physical sensations?

Any info you can give me about how it felt doing it, mentally, physically, emotionally, whatever, and what went through your head would give me some great insight into the experience. Also maybe why you even decided to do it and if you still felt the effects of it days later. Did it have any lasting impact on you? Thanks so much in advance!

My character lives in California and this story is set in the now, modern times, year 2011.

Suffering seizure after head injury

The story is set in present, Canada. While the MC has telepathic abilities, the show itself isn't  sci-fi. The main character is a male in mid twenties, working as a paramedic. He suffers a head injury after being hit by a baseball bat on the head. He loses consciousness at the scene and suffers a grand mal seizure during the drive to the hospital, then one smaller seizure at the hospital, before he gets put on anti-seizure medication. During the tests they discover he's got a hairline skull fracture and a small subdural hematoma, which they try to control with medication.

My questions are:

1. Is the story believable so far?

2. What drugs would they give him for the seizure and for the pain, and what would they give him to try and control the subdural hematoma? [I don't want him in surgery and I don't really want him put in an induced coma]

3. Could the subdural hematoma be the cause of the seizure or is a  severe concussion enough to cause it?

4. What tests would be done right after bringing him in, and later once he regains consciousness? I think EEG, CT scan and maybe an X- ray are a must, but is there anything else?

5. How long would he stay at the hospital if there were no complications?

6. How long would he have to stay on anti-seizure drugs if he doesn't have any more seizures and when  would he be able to return to work? He's a paramedic and he has to be able to drive the car to get back to work.

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