March 23rd, 2011

Equipment and supplies for traveling around killing monsters (inc. ammo questions)

Time: nearish future, maybe 15 years from now. Place: continental US, possibly also Canada and/or Mexico. Our Heroine does have a passport, if that's relevant.
Searches: honestly, wasn't really sure what *to* search for this one...

Our Heroine (my future roleplaying character) is 19, in good health, and traveling around the country on a motorcycle, killing evil things/monsters/beasties/Titanspawn. Other than things obtained and discarded locally, everything she has has to fit into the plausible carrying capacity of a motorcycle and (probably) a small motorcycle trailer. But I'm not sure what the likely set of stuff would be. My guesses below... please confirm, negate, or add additional suggestions...
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Anything else you'd have, if you were her?