March 21st, 2011


Women's rights and education in Renaissance Italy and other misc. questions

Well this officially marks the 3rd time I've tired to post something here. I always seem to do something wrong :| Anyways, even though this doesn't really come up largely in my Assassin's Creed fic its still there and I'd like to make sure it's historically correct as possible.  The history dork in me is compelled to find out.

Situation: My character Nerezza Corvi starts out in my story as a rebellious 15-year-old noblewoman who tries to go against  what's expected of her, has a friendship of sorts with Ezio Auditore (the main character for Assassin's Creed 2 for those who don't know), and later becomes an assassin. Based late 1400's and early 1500's.

Question 1: What sort of rights would a girl her age have? Like would she be allowed to be friends with a member of the opposite sex in a completely platonic way, or would it be something her parents would try to prevent? Would she be allowed to wander out by herself (I assume not and she normally sneaks out anyhow), or would she constantly have some sort of chaperon following her at all times? Would she even be allowed to really voice her opinions?

Question 2:  What kind of an education would she have as a young female? I know they would have a tutor but what exactly would they learn beyond normal domestic things?

Misc. Questions:

Question 1: What sorts of food would an upper class family eat?

Question 2: What was the typical set up for a Ren. Italian home? Was it sort of typical as other homes at this time?

Resources checked: I've tried google searches on numerous occasions. "Women's education in Renaissance Italy", "Rights for women in Renaissance Italy", "Food in Renaissance Italy", "Renaissance homes".  I've found a few things but more would be better :)

EDIT: I'm an idiot and for got to mention that she's Florentine.
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Difficult-to-diagnose plant disease

Hi. I'm writing a science fiction novel set in a far future. The Amish of the time live raising hermetically enclosed biospheres, each consisting of several mini-biomes (such as prairie, rainforest, desert, coral atoll, etc.). After several years needed for a biosphere to mature, it is sold for installation in off-planet habitats to provide regenerative life support (food, air, water, all recirculated), and the Amish begin raising another one. This way, they can live in isolation from the nanoware-permeated world, while living a simple lifestyle, close to earth.

One Amish boy, however, gets whisked to Venus through a peculiar set of circumstances. Once he wakes up in a spaceship already on the way to Venus, he discovers that the life support systems of the ship are based on one such Amish-raised biosphere. At some point, I need him to identify a disease affecting some plants that the ship's maintenance systems have misdiagnosed. For other story-related reasons, the disease must be directly or indirectly linked to high soil acidity. Additionally, it would be nice if the affected plants belonged to the rainforest biome, but this is optional.

I have tried looking at various plant disease identification handbooks. But these are written primarily for gardeners and do not list rainforest species (at least, those I have been able to find); moreover, they tend to focus on the most common--and therefore easy to identify--plant diseases (whereas, the disease should be sufficiently difficult to identify that it could confuse a sophisticated artificial intelligence system). Searching for "rainforest plant diseases" brings up primarily references to the medicinal properties of rainforest plants, which is not at all what I'm interested in at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and duly acknowledged in the book when it is published.

Leo Korogodski

Skin scraped off, bleached and cleaned

Hi :) I'm writing a murder mystery where a serial killer drugs his victims, carves their skin off with a knife and then bleaches the body. I have several questions, such as,
  1. How long would it take for a person to die when their skin is cut off?
  2. Could a person survive the process of having their skin cut off?
  3. What effects would bleach have on the exposed parts of the body once the skin is cut off?
  4. How much time would it take to remove all of the skin from the human body?
I tried entering things like, "bleach effects on internal organs", "results of skin removal", "bleach on skin", and "how long can a person live without skin?" in search engines, but I got zilch.

Effect of a Famine on Bone Marrow:

 What are the effects that a famine could have on Bone Marrow? What are some other long term physical, emotional, and mental effects?

The story takes place in the future when two 14-year-olds, one male, one female are visiting one of their aunts house on a planet that normally has enough food and exports corn. Then it just stops raining and pesticide kills the vegetation. Due to the lack of food people start to get violent and they have to stay hidden in a cave. Also both have the stress of trying to keep a few of their cousins alive because since the aunt died they took over the protector roles.

Searched for: famine+ Bone marrow, anorexia effects on Bone Marrow, Famine effects on Bone Marrow.