March 14th, 2011


Anaphylactic shock

This is going to be a weird post. Because i write real person slash. I'm happy to see it appears to fit the rules and i'm not going to be judged for this.

So, my fandom is football (soccer) and i recently got to know that my fave player once had an anaphylactic shock. Quite confusing because it's the first mention i've seen of him suffering from allergies.

He's in everything I write and I wonder how this past episode might influence his life now? Obviously this is something he'd have to mention to doctors etc, but other than that? It was a medication allergy (smth he took for a stomach ache), kinda sounded like drug interaction because the article literally says "medications". Btw it's Russia, 2001, a small team from an administrative center... so poor quality medication might've been involved. Or even doping as there have been cases when players didn't know what they were given (and the standards of what's considered doping and what isn't have changed too). Ok this got complicated, but basically since meds (and esp specific combinations) are easy to avoid unlike, say, wasps, would one need an EpiPen anyway? (Or is the risk to develop anaphylaxis from something different high enough?)
I basically need to know what to keep in mind, lol. Before I knew this I wrote a scene where his loved one got stung by a wasp in the face - now i realize he'd be 35465x more worried than in my fic. oops.

Also, I have to admit I haven't researched deliberately causing someone anaphylaxis yet (great possibilities for Au;)), but would it likely to be similar to the past episode? It seems quite weird that he got symptoms only the following morning btw. Can this have been a biphasic one, with the initial episode mild and not recognized? it's not like if one had a stomach ache, took medication and then puked, they would necessarily suspect allergy...

Told you it's weird - the character isn't mine and i don't even know what exactly happened and how! lol.

Terms tried: anaphylactic shock, anaphylaxis, "a history of anaphylaxis", anaphylactic shock long-term effects on life, anaphylaxis "drug interaction", anaphylaxis "due to drug interaction", biphasic anaphylaxis, delayed anaphylaxis
forensic bug

How to get out of a damaged plane without going smoosh.

Chronicles of Riddick Fanfic

Some point five or six hundred years in the future.
Random habitable planet
Googled: High altitude skydiving, parachuting, ejection seats, tandem skydiving, emergency parachuting, bail out of planes.

Riddick and an original character have stolen a military craft but they are attacked and the craft damaged before they can leave the atmosphere. I am going with parachutes on the theory that they are a very simple machine and are less likely to fail than hover boots or antigrav escape pods or something like that.

So I have one experienced skydiver and one virgin. Since OC has never jumped out of an aircraft, Riddick hooks her into his harness to bail out.
What would give the best chance of survival, jumping out a hatch or ejecting?
How high can you jump from without special equipment or preparation?
If the harnesses aren't designed for tandem jumping would fastening one under the other work?
Are they both dead and I should try something else?

Thank you